Color Grading Policies

  • Booking a Time

    We require a 50% deposit on the amount specified in your estimate before booking the times for
    your color grading session.

  • Ingesting Media

    All media to be ingested must be dropped off at least 1 full business day before your color session
    or online session. If your footage is dropped off late, you may lose time during your session.

  • Graded Footage

    We release graded footage when the project is paid for in full.

  • Cancellation Policy

    We require at least a week’s notice to cancel a color session / online session. If you arrive late or
    cancel your color session without a week’s notice, you will still be billed for it in full.

  • Deliverables

    The master file export time is included in the session. We can provide 1 deliverable as part of the
    session, all other deliverables will be billed separately. Please let us know what type of file you
    would like (e.g. 2K DNxHR, 4K ProRes 4444, DPX sequence, EXR, etc.)

  • Parking

    If you would like us to provide 1 parking space for your session, please let us know at least 1 day in
    advance so we can arrange it. There is street parking available on some of the surrounding side

  • Social Media and Web

    We love to share stills and info from our clients’ projects on our web and social media presence.
    If you don’t want us to do so for your film, please let us know.

  • Thanks!

    Thanks for grading with us!